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Welcome to Grasshopper; we’re the go-to company for the thousands of businesses, clubs and organisations that are looking for the best promotional pens in Perth.

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Why promotional pens are so effective

Custom pens are among the most popular choices of promotional products in Australia and around the world. But why are printed promotional pens so popular in Perth?

  • Cost effectiveness – From business pens and metal pens to more affordable plastic pens, you’ll find something to align with your marketing strategy and budget here at Grasshopper.
  • Variety – You might want to choose different types of pens for different users. For example, plastic pens might be your ideal choice if you intend on giving them out to the public while a corporate pen might be a safer choice if you’re going giving the pens to clients and colleagues of yours. Check out our selection of printed promotional pens in Perth and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Long lasting – The longer lasting your pens are, the more they’ll be used and the better ROI you’ll get. Our pens are made using high quality materials so you never have to worry about them not lasting as long as they should.
  • Customisation – It’s all about branding these days, and customising your promotional gift pens in Perth will do wonders to strengthen your brand recognition. Choose what colour you like, what style you prefer and tell us what artwork you want included. Once we’ve got all of that, we can make high quality promotional pens in Perth that are fully personalised with your message and company info.

What can promotional pens be used for?

  • They can be used as an integral part of a marketing strategy. You can distribute them at press releases, trade shows, employee gatherings, meetings, supplier meetings and hand them out to your customers and to the general public as a gesture of good will.
  • If you’re trying to reach the masses, making pen donations to your local schools, libraries, churches and/or community centres is always a good idea. These organisations often have little budgets to work with so they’ll appreciate getting free writing supplies and you can be sure that they’ll be used.
  • Promotional pens can also be used to complement direct mail campaigns for all kinds of businesses, clubs and organisations.

Biggest Range of Custom Promotional Items Australia

From personalised apparel, tech products to stationery, we’ve got so many products for you to choose from,


Placing your order is easy

If you’re looking for promotional pens online in Perth, you won’t find an easier way to order them than right here. Our ordering system is easy to navigate and our Grasshopper team is standing by if you’ve any questions.

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