Custom Made Pens

In this age of everything being instant, it's easy to overlook the tried and tested marketing methods that have been around for a long time. One of the most overlooked marketing methods is product marketing.+ Read More

That's a shame because product marketing is extremely effective in achieving long term brand penetration.

Keeping your brand in people's minds is very important, and product marketing helps you do that by making your brand a practical part of everyday life, even when the product in use has nothing to do with what your business provides.

Custom Pens are an effective form of product marketing

Pens are very useful objects, which means people keep them and carry them wherever they go. There's something about anything printed that makes it hard to resist trying to read whatever the message is, so what happens is anyone who sees your custom printed pens will see (or try to see) whatever is printed on the pen.

Even if in the next moment the person forgets what they have just seen, it won't matter. Your logo and marketing tag has been locked away in their subconscious mind, waiting to be unlocked later. The more often there is exposure to the brand, the more strongly the subconscious connection will become.

Don't underestimate what can be achieved with something as simple as custom pens. Australia is an ideal place for this kind of marketing, too.

A very budget-friendly choice

You really would struggle to find anything cheaper you could give away than custom promotional pens, apart from maybe a business card. The difference with a pen is that it's useful.

A business card can be put away and forgotten about, but custom made pens are not discarded for as long as they are useful, and even then many people still hang on to them, perhaps hoping for some kind of Lazarus effect to miraculously occur.

When you want low cost brand penetration, pens are a great way to achieve your goal, because they don't cost much, they're portable, and people like having them.

Buy Custom Pens online

You have a busy life, so why waste precious moments of it coming all the way to your local Grasshopper office (you'd be very welcome, but you probably have better things to do). We respect that, so we've made it really easy to order your custom pens online.

Because we're an Australian supplier, it makes everything much simpler for you. There's less paperwork, no import duties, and you'll get your products quicker. That's the advantage of buying from an Australian supplier when you order your custom pens online in Australia.

Just one of many choices

Grasshopper is not a one hit wonder. We really believe in the power of pens – often said to be mightier than swords – but they're just one of the many marketing products and services Grasshopper provides.

Grasshopper specialises in selling wide range of Business Promotional Products including Promotional Hats, Promotional Caps, Business Pens, Promotional Pens, Corporate Pens, Custom Hats, Business Polo Shirts, Custom Polo Shirts, Promotional Shirts, Custom Printed Polo Shirts & many more. We provide our services in all major cities of Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

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