Corporate Pens

Going to a trade show or special event as an exhibitor? You know what you need? Corporate branded pens, that's what.

Nothing quite says "classy" like corporate pens with your logo on 'em. The beauty of custom corporate pens is they're inexpensive but highly effective marketing tools, that have the value of persistence. + Read More

Why corporate pens are so effective

One undeniable fact is most people can't resist free stuff. Even when it's something they don't really need or want, if it's free, they'll line up to get it. The greatest thing about pens is that almost everyone needs them sometimes, so they're really easy to give away.

Once somebody has a pen, they tend to keep it for a really long time. They also tend to carry pens around everywhere they go, and keep them in places where they're easily seen by others.

The geniuses in the crowd have already worked out that this translates to excellent brand penetration, with your marketing message being seen repeatedly by the user over a long period of time, and (occasionally) briefly by other people.

As corporate logo pens are so very inexpensive to buy, they're something that can be given away without remorse, and will return many times over their value in productive marketing results for the brand you are promoting.

Order your corporate pens online now

Grasshopper is serious about marketing, and we know how valuable promotional products are to a mixed marketing strategy. That's why we've made it super easy to order your corporate pens online, right here from our website.

The pens you buy from Grasshopper are inexpensive, but there's nothing cheap about them. These are quality items, and we're even moved to suggest they're probably the best corporate branded pens available online. We can be that bold because we've invested heavily in making sure we created an exceptionally high quality product.

In addition, you also know you have the advantage of dealing with an Australian supplier, so it's really convenient and you don't have to mess around with import duties, paperwork, exchange rates and all that jazz. It's convenient, safe, and certainly the most fun you'll ever have ordering corporate pens online in Australia.

corporate Pens isn’t all we do

We're a dynamic, upwardly mobile marketing company. It wouldn't do at all if we just focused on producing one thing. Pens are neat, sure, but we love creating and designing all kinds of interesting marketing products to meet the needs of our clients.

Take a moment to explore the rest of our site and find out about all the other great marketing products and services we provide. We have put a lot of effort into ensuring we deliver consistently high quality results, so you can have total confidence when you order anything from Grasshopper.

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