You only need to look at the Coles mini shop campaign to see that a lot of customers are demanding companies to adopt sustainable practices. Studies show that over 40% of the population view companies that use eco-friendly promotional items in a superior light. Using eco-friendly tote bags creates a far greater positive image for your brand. Over time these simple custom branded tote bags grab attention and keep people in touch with your business long after the first encounter. The ROI of a great promotional product far exceeds the price paid. Branded tote bags have the marketing power to strengthen your message while building favour among your customers.

1. Cost

Custom branded tote bags have become very well priced due to the huge volumes that we are now producing globally. The upfront cost of branded tote bags is a one-time expense. And whether you sell promotional tote bags or give them away as freebies, the value of your investment grows the longer your custom tote bag is used.

2. Great Retention

Custom tote bags are visual, practical, and are used in our every day of life. Custom branded tote bags are made to be used in public where they can seen by a lot of potential customers. On average, consumers hold onto promotional bags for about seven months. People are also reluctant to throw away promotional products that are useful, even if they aren’t personally interested. One study found that only 20 percent of consumers toss an unwanted item, while 63 percent offer promotional products to someone else.

3. Audience

Custom branded tote bags are great for targeting a the right audience. While all products have a demographic sweet spot, custom tote bags connect with kinds of walk, ages, occupations and socio-economic groups. As an added benefit about 57 percent of women and 42 percent of men own custom branded tote bags.

4. Visibility

Custom branded tote bags are one of the fastest ways to convey memorable information. They offer a large area for printing and become a walking billboard at tradeshows, shopping centres and regularly passed around between family and friends. Custom branded tote bags are great for business; they exposes your brand to both the original and secondary potential customers. Some people who have seen your custom tote bags will seek out your business in the future, that is the power of the custom branded tote bag.

In a study by Promotional Products Association International, one in two people said they own a promotional product they routinely wear or carry around throughout the day.

Choose Grasshopper Promotional and you’ll be choosing quality and speed, we are one of the fastest promotional company in Australia. You’ll receive high quality promotional products that have been designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

We’ve been in this business for many years, and we know what business owners need from their promotional pens. They want quality, durability, affordability, eco-friendly and a product that actually looks good. Many companies use promotional items to stand out, and a poorly made design will quickly get lost in the crowd. Make sure your product provides value to your customers, so they choose to use your tote bags in their everyday lives.