Are you struggling to get clients to take note of your business? If so, we may just have the solution you’ve been looking for.

We’re Grasshopper, and we offer business owners the opportunity to improve their brand recognition with high quality, practical and promotional pens.

We can design printed promotional pens that align with your branding efforts. So whether you’d like a blue pen with your logo or you’d like to order black quality promotional pens with your logo, your contact details and your photo, your wish is our command.

1. Promotional Pens Are Great For Branding

The power of custom printed pens is immense when it comes to improving your brand recognition. Just think about how often you use your pen on a daily basis and you will realise just how effective branded pens can be.

2. A Cost Effective Way To Market Your Business


Despite being a powerhouse for branding, one of the most popular reasons businesses invest in promotional pens in Australia is because they are very affordable. We accept orders of all sizes from 250 to 2,500 and we’ll work with you to ensure the design of your pens grab the attention of every one who sees them.

Even if a person doesn’t have a need for your services when they use your pens, your company will be embedded into their subconscious and you’ll be getting their business when the time comes for them to buy the product or use the service you’re selling.

3. A Promotional Product That Won’t End Up In The Bin

If you are looking for a promotional product that isn’t going to end up in a bin, ordering high quality promotional pens is the single most effective investment you can make.

4. So Easy To Distribute Promotional Pens

When you are looking for promotional products you want something that will carry your business name easily and very far. Promotional pens with a logo of your business is one of the easiest products you can distribute, especially since there are so many people that take pens home by mistake (are you guilty!?).