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Australia’s plastic problem: What it looks like and how to stop it

On average, Australians use 130 kg of plastic each year, but only 12% of that is recycled. More frightening still, up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic will find its way into the ocean. In fact, every 60 seconds we dump the equivalent of one garbage truck straight into the ocean. Research shows that for every kilogram of plankton in the ocean, there are six kilograms of plastic. If we carry on as usual, this could mean there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by weight in 2050.

"Currently plastics are being produced at an exponentially increasing rate, but globally our waste disposal technology and capacity is not increasing at the same rate," explains Dr Qamar Schuyler, Marine Scientist at The University of Queensland. "Plus we now know that unseen microplastics are entering the oceans from our cosmetics, from the clothing we wear, and from fragmentation of larger plastic particles. Unless we take substantial action, the problem is bound to increase.”

The good news: It’s not all gloom and doom. We can do something about the current plastic problem in Australia and hopefully protect sea turtles along the way. By taking action in our everyday lives we can reduce the amount of waste entering our oceans.

So today we wanted to share some handy office eco products that can make a huge difference in reducing waste as we make changes to our lives. Once you start, you’ll continually want to do more to protect our environment. You only need to look at the backlash with the Woolworths Ooshies campaign to see that a lot of customers are demanding companies to adopt sustainable practices. Studies show that over 40% of the population view companies that use eco-friendly promotional items in a superior light. Using eco-friendly products creates a far greater positive image for your brand. Below is the current top 10 ecofriendly office promotional products that will help your company stand out.

    1. Reusable Eco Cups

    2. Reusable lunch containers

    3. Reusable sandwich/chip bags

    4. Reusable utensils

    5. Reusable straws

    6. Reusable grocery and shopping bags

    7. Reusable water bottles

    8. Reusable coffee mugs and tumblers

    9. Reusable Eco Notebooks

    10. Reusable Eco Pens

Around 28% of consumers are exposed to promotional products each day and around 81% keep promotional products for over a year and even if the direct recipient of the product doesn’t keep it, chances are they are passing it along to someone else – thus expanding your brand reach. The more people who are exposed to your brand, the better results you will see in business and sales. Small changes can make a huge difference in reducing waste. Once you start, you’ll continually want to do more to protect our Earth.