Selecting Eco-Friendly sustainable marketing promotional products isn’t a move that’s merely good for our earth. As millennials transition to become the largest spending demographic, they are also commanding corporations to align with their values.  So choosing Eco-Friendly is now a critical strategy for your company.

When choosing a promotional product for your next campaign or event, consider investing in affordable eco-friendly water bottles.

  1. They Earn Customer Goodwill. The use of eco-friendly water bottles prevent approximately 217 plastic water bottles per person from entering landfills every year. When your marketing efforts focus on the benefits of sustainability, customers are more likely to trust your brand and stay loyal down the road. 86% of customers expect brands to be socially and environmentally conscious. Cultivating an image of going green can translate to great retention long-term.
  2. They Save Customers MoneyThe average consumer spends about $20 on a reusable water bottle. Giving away an eco-friendly water bottle for free already proves your commitment to the customer, but if you include information on the money saved by switching from plastic water bottles to a reusable bottle, the value of the promo grows exponentially. 
  3. They Lead to Hundreds of Impressions. Reusable water bottles can generate hundreds – and even thousands – of impressions based on personal use. Half of consumers that own reusable drinkware use it 2 to 3 times per week or moreA reusable water bottle can have a lifespan of 5 years or more if cleaned regularly, leading to countless impressions wherever customers go.

Grasshopper offers a wide selection of affordable reusable bottles,

Give away Eco-Friendly water bottles as part of a company-wide initiative to go Eco-Friendly and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability in the eyes of consumers. Talk to your Grasshopper Account Executive for more ideas on going Eco-Friendly through promotional products or by going online now or call, email 1300 472 774