15 Personalised Employee Gifts Under $2

Promotional products are not just for external marketing. Building brand loyalty within your own organisation can be just as important as it is with the general public, and there's no better way to do this than to show employees your appreciation by rewarding them occasionally with gifts. Items can be individually printed or embossed with the employee's name as well as the company logo. This creates a visible link between the employee and employer, permanently printed on an actual physical product. Of course if you print only large batches with no individual personalisation, the cost will be even cheaper, and it's certainly much easier to manage such a shipment. There is no need to be overly extravagant with your gifting. The value and style of the gift you give should be in some way equal with the magnitude of the merit that went into earning it. Bigger efforts deserve bigger rewards. If there was no special effort put in, then a simple gift is a better choice. Buying every employee a new car might (possibly) win you greater employee loyalty, but possibly won't impress shareholders. Keeping it simple will result in a good economy-to-reward ratio. [...]

Why Use Promotional Products for Your Business

There are many different options available for marketing, and while some clearly have advantages over others, it's really best to include as many marketing approaches as you can realistically fit into your budget. One of the marketing options you should definitely consider is the use of promotional products to boost your brand’s reputation. Let's take a look at some of the many reasons why promotional products can be a good idea. [...]

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