Custom Printed Polo Shirts

When you need to make a good first impression, custom printed polo shirts are a great way to give your team a uniform professional image.+ Read More

The custom screen printed polo shirts available from Grasshopper are affordable, stylish, and comfortable to wear. Screen printing costs less than embroidery, so these are an ideal choice when you need a low cost solution (we do have custom embroidered polo shirts available too).

An important addition to your marketing mix

Many business owners don't understand that the clothing worn by their employees is actually a form of marketing.

As with any marketing, the message created can be either positive or negative, and you'll often only get one chance to make a first impression (that's why it's called a first impression).

People entering a place of business will have certain expectations. Those expectations will be different depending on the type of business. For example, if the business is a law firm, the dress code will be very different from a dental surgery, and again different from a warehouse or workshop.

Each different business type has different dress codes for a reason. It is because the image presented to the visitor needs to be one that reassures them they're in the right place.

If your dental nurse is wearing a lumberjack shirt, you'll probably have second thoughts about going ahead with your appointment. People need to have the correct look for the workplace they're in.

When your workplace is suited to a polo shirt image, they will usually be the best choice for you. Polo shirts are one of the most versatile garments. They are safe, comfortable, and look tidy. They're really well suited to a wide range of work environments.

Most businesses can not go wrong by choosing custom printed polo shirts in Australia.

Custom Printed Polo Shirts Not just for the workplace

Even when your business type is not one where polo shirts would normally be worn in the workplace, you can still put the effectiveness of product marketing to work for you in other situations.

For example, if your team is travelling together for an event, exhibition, or simply a corporate trip, wearing matching polo shirts custom printed with your brand image and message will promote team solidarity and also capture the attention of other travellers.

From a marketing perspective, this is an ideal result, and one you should definitely exploit whenever the opportunity arises.

Get your custom printed polo shirts online

You don't need to go to all the trouble of visiting your local Grasshopper office to get your shirts. You can buy custom printed polo shirts online direct from this website, saving yourself a lot of time in the process.

When you get your custom printed polo shirts online from us, you are making the best choice for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that we're an Australian supplier, so all of the hassles associated with buying imported products won't affect you.

Some of the common problems businesses encounter with importing their goods include:

  • Having to pay customs duties and/or equalization taxes
  • Consignment delays while goods are inspected
  • Problems due to incorrect paperwork
  • Severe problems when the supplier sends the wrong product

By dealing directly with Grasshopper, an Australian-based company, you avoid all these costly and exasperating problems.

Clearly it is best to buy custom printed polo shirts online in Australia from an Australian supplier, so it makes perfect sense to buy from us. Grasshopper offers the best range of customised printed polo shirts in Australia and we're really easy to do business with.

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